Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hello everyone! How are you? Sunday rolled around again, so here's another Weekly Diary. This week, I've been quite busy with school. All the teachers want to give a test for the last report card, because after that, the exams start. Ugh, I don't like exams, I hope I can write ahead two weeks, but I'm not sure I will be able to.

First of all, I got myself a couple of new T-shierts. They were on sales and, well, T-shirts are never wrong. I found this one that said 'blogger' and I got so excited! I took it home with me!

I love interior designing and I get a lot of inspiration from tumblr! Yes, I also do want a hanging library!

Nails done! I've been paying extra attention to my nails lately! Manicure post will be up in a while!

04:19 and still up because I wasn't feeling well. Upset tummy - unfortunately I had been awake for two to three hours everyday because of my tummy.
 My dad was up also because he had to leave for work but when I texted him if he would put some water on the stairs he texted me back he was already on his way to work in the car. 
Later, he returned and got me the bottle of water. Half an hour later, my tummy was feeling a little better and I was sleeping peacefully! 
I truely love my daddy, nobody cares for me like he does. I don't know what I should do without him ♥.

Aside from the blue nails, I also had red halfmoon manicure nails this week! They make me feel so pin-up and confident!

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Thanks for reading! Have a lovely Sunday!

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