Friday, November 22, 2013

A sneak peek inside my beauty closet: concealers

Good concealers are everything. EVERYTHING. I have skin problems which result to acne and because of my light skintone, dark circles show up easier. Concealer is really my thing. Want to see which ones I have? Just keep on reading and you'll find out!

I'll start on the left and go to the right, I think that's the easiest.
So the first concealers that you see is actually a palette by Catrice. It holds a pink, a green and three skintone colours. I got this one a long while ago and I used the lightest concealers to shape my eyebrows. All gone in no time. Very creamy, medium coverage, easy to use concealers. Love it! I don't use the pink one (they say it's for your undereyes but it just makes mine look worse) so the only reason I keep the palette is for the green concealer - it neutralises redness!

The next concealer is by Hema, which is a shop that can be found in The Netherlands and Belgium, where I live. It's a concealer stick so to get good application, you need to warm it up first. I used to like this but lately I haven't touched it anymore. I think it's too visible.

Next I have my Garnier roller which is actually a good one because the roller ball is super cold, so when you feel the cold on your eyes in the morning, it will automatically reduce swelling. The coverage is medium.

Then I have a biocura concealer which does nothing and an Yves Rocher concealer that I was very disappointed about - I will link every review below so you can see what I liked/disliked about the products. Since I didn't like these, I'm not going to talk about it too much in this post.

Next I have my match 2 cover concealer duo by Essence. I use this for my face, my eyes, and shaping my eyebrows. Really nice product and I love how you can mix the two colours to get your exact skintone match!

And last but definitely not least are my two concealers by Catrice. These ones are 'new' in the assortment and god! That coverage though! I can hide anything with it! No matter how red or annoying it is, this concealer fixes it! I love it!

Here are the links to more in depth reviews that I have written! Want to see a review on a particular product? Let me know!

* Yves Rocher concealer
* Essence match 2 cover concealer
* Catrice camouflage cream review

Thanks for reading!

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