Thursday, November 14, 2013

A sneak peek inside my beauty closet: eyebrow stuff

Hello everyone! I haven't done a lot of sneak peek posts lately but I'm back! 
I decided not to do a post on foundations, for one very simple reason: I only have one foundation. If you want to see which one it is and how I like it, click here for the review!

Today I'm going to show you the eyebrow items that I have. As most of you know, I have a small obsession with my eyebrows. I don't like them and I use cosmetics to try and make it better (most of the time it doesn't) but anyway...

I have two eyebrow sets: One by Catrice and one by ELF. I have been using the ELF one more lately. Why? I changed my hair colour every month (or two) and the colours in the Catrice set were always good. But the last time I changed my hair colour, I went blonde. I looked for something a little less dark and then I found the ELF set. Of course, the colour still looks darker than my actual hair, but it looks more natural. I used to have one by Essence as well, but I use that as eyeshadow right now, because the colours weren't right for me.

I also have an eyebrow pencil by Catrice that I stopped using and a lighter pencil by Biocura, which I use on a daily basis now.

Here are the links to the reviews, in case you wanted to read more about these products!!

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