Thursday, November 28, 2013

Catrice All Matt plus shine controle foundation review

A few weeks I decided I wanted to try a new foundation by Catrice called the "All matt plus" foundation, which should work against oily skin and shine. Of course, that sounded interesting to me and so I took it with me. Now what do I think of it?

I love the packaging of this foundation. Catrice has a lot of matt glass foundation packages and I don't know why but I always like the look of that! This foundation promises to be mattifying, longlasting and oil free.

I got the colour "Nude Beige", which is the second lightest colour. I decided not to go for the lightest 0because I'm already very pale and I'm tired of the "are you feeling sick?" questions.

As you can see the foundation covers quite well, I think it looks good! Luckely, it matches my skintone! 
Even though the foundation promises to be "super matt", I still think a bit of mattifying powder is in order. There is still a bit of shine. You could, if you wanted to, only use powder on your T-zone and use the shine as a natural "glow" on your cheekbones. I myself am not a big fan so I just like to use powder all over.

Aside from the "all matt shine control" that wasn't 100%, I have no other negative remarks. My skin has been reacting very well to this product and I enjoy using it. Another budget hit for Catrice, yay!

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