Monday, November 11, 2013

H&M (huge) makeup palette review

I love H&M. It's my favourite place to get trendy yet inexpensive items. The H&M close to my home probably only exists because I shop there so regularly. Okay, no, now I'm overreacting. But do you understand how much I love H&M now?


The only problem is that the H&M that we have here, never has the palettes, coloured eyeliners or makeup key chains that the big ones do have, so when I go to a big city, I always check there first. I've told you before that I went to Brussels last week and there they had a H&M. With makeup!
I got this huge, 24 colours palette. I saw it last year when I went to Paris but I didn't get it back then, and ever since, I've been thinking about it.

Like I said, this palette holds 24 colours, which is quite a lot! Browns, purples, blues, greens, greys, it's all in there. This palette can come in very handy! Not only at home, when you're starting out with makeup, I also think I would take this with me if I was going on a holiday. Enough choice for a different look everyday and the only thing you have to bring is this palette.
It also comes with two sponge applicators.

The colours up close:

The pigmentation of this palette isn't really outstanding. It's not like you can compare it to MAC quality, unfortunately. The darker colours are very well pigmented but the lightest colours could have used a little bit more pigmentation.
The good news is that the colours are very buildable and if you just take some time to apply them, you can get a very beautiful look! Be careful for the fall out though!

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  1. I've always wondered about the quality of H&M makeup as it always appeals to me when I'm in the queue. It looks good enough, thanks for the swatches. x

    I hope you can check out my latest photoshoot on my blog chick xx

  2. This was very useful!
    I saw this here in Italy and I liked the colors, but I couldn't figure if the quality was good or not!
    :) (Sorry for my English!)

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  3. Lovely colors in this palette =)
    New outfit on my blog, hope you will visit it and let me know what you think!


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