Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Travel Diary: National Archeology Museum Madrid

Whether you like it or not, history is a very important and interesting subject. I used to hate history, until I started going to high school. I've mentioned this once or twice before but the teacher in the first year of high school used to make history lessons so much fun, that I actually started to enjoy doing it.
It is because of them that today, I'm studying history in college. One of my two friends who joined me on this trip also studied history and that's why we both decided to visit the National Archeology Museum in Madrid.

The museum was quite big and very impressive. It started with the prehistoric times and every floor was a different time period. The top floor was Middleages themed.
Very fascinating to see. They had a lot of items from every single time period and I also learned some new and interesting things about some of the things they found. In today's post I'll feature a small selection of all the pictures I took inside this breathtaking museum.

It was so overwelming and actually I needed four more hours to roam around, but I'm happy we got to do it.

This bracelet was actually almost identical to the one I was wearing that day. The necklaces in the pictures below reminded me of chokers nowadays. Everything comes back in fashion, doesn't it ;)

I don't want to turn this into a big history lesson, but I did want to give those of you who are interested a glimpse of what you can find there and how wonderfully beautiful this museum is. Even if you're not into history, I would still recommend doing this.

This was pretty cool, they had about three or four mummies that they actually X-rayed! This gave me chills all over!

Have a lovely day, thanks again for reading! 
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