Sunday, November 6, 2016

Travel Diary: Food ♥ #2

Good morning everyone! Here I am again with a Travel Diary! 
As you may know, I went to Madrid not too long ago. I went with two good friends to just get away from daily life and all the struggles that come with it - because we all need some distraction sometimes.
We were only there for four days, so we didn't see it all, but the couple of buildings that we did get to see were under construction and weren't very exciting from the outside.


Luckily, there's more to Madrid than just buildings. There's some great tapas out there, for example. That's why today I'm taking you to one of the most amazing food places we've visited. I always love places where you can order tons of small tapas. We stumbled upon this restaurant by accident, because we were looking for a place to hide from the rain.

I don't remember what all of the food was, but it was pretty good! They had loads of vegetarian tapas, which I got, and then some tapas with fish. At a certain point, I think I had six small plates in front of me. A lot, but too good not to eat!

We had some delicious mojito's as well! I even got a strawberry mojito, even though I didn't ask for that originally, which was a nice surprise!
Loved that little bit of extra service! We had a really good time and were treated so so well during lunch there, I wish I could go back one more time! 

I hope I didn't make you too hungry now! ;) 
Have a great day! 

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