Friday, November 4, 2016

Sleek highlighter palette review!

Sleek came to Belgium a few months ago - or maybe a year ago already, I don't know exactly - and immediately I started testing a few products. So far, I've tried an eyeshadow palette and an eyebrow palette, which I'm still crazy about. Back when I was on my trip to Rome, a friend showed me her highlighter palette by Sleek (which I used everyday on that trip) and which I was absolutely crazy about.

When I came back to Belgium, I looked for this palette every week but most of the time, the "Sleek" counter was nearly completely empty. In Madrid, however, I did find the very last highlighter palette. This time, I didn't walk away empty handed. Here's my review on this gorgeous palette, keep reading!


Let's talk packaging.
This Sleek palette is completely gold, it's absolutely gorgeous. It looks very chique and sophisticated. When you open this palette, you get to see the four stunning highlighters inside. One creamy highlighter, three powder highlighters. The palette also comes with a tiny brush.

The creamy highlighter is in the left upper corner. Next to it is a purple highlighter. Below, you can find a white highlighter and a gold highlighter.
Here are some swatches with and without flash. All of the highlighters have very good pigment and a nice texture. There are no crumbs or anything whatsoever, and the tiniest bit goes a long way. The creamy highlighter is very smooth and easy to apply.

I was impressed with the palette when my friend first showed it to me and I'm beyond excited to finally have it in my possession.

With flash
Without flash
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