Friday, February 6, 2015

Essence Get Big Lashes triple black!

Hey you guys! How are you doing?
If you read my blog often, you know I always use liquid eyeliner and mascara by Essence.
I have had two different kinds of "Get big lashes" mascara by Essence and last week I got the "triple black" version! 


The packaging of this mascara is nice. It's thesame as all the other "get big lashes" mascara packaging, but it has different colours. I like the hot pink and purple! 

This is what the brush looks like.

 Now I'm sure you want to see the effect of this mascara on my lashes. Here it is! 
I think this mascara is alright, it gives me long, black lashes. That's what I want!

This picture was shot after work and as you can see, my liquid eyeliner is giving up in this picture, haha!

Thanks for reading! 

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