Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Diary

Hello you guys! Happy Sunday!
I haven't uploaded a Weekly Diary in a while because I've been busy, but here I am! 

I've had a lot of work but I've also had a lot of fun in the last couple of weeks, today I'm going to tell you about it!
 I finished my exams a few days before February started and I also passed all of my exams! The night we got our results, the girls from school and I went out to celebrate!

My dad got me a little present as well! I got this beautiful swan necklace from him. I think it's so unique. Especially the blue "body" of the swan, I think it's so beautiful!
I wear it everyday.

After the exams, I went to my internship for a week. I'm studying to become a history and English teacher so soon I'll be teaching myself! I'm so excited! 

Okay so that is what happened these last few weeks. 
Last week, school started again, semester 2. A lot of students didn't make it, but a few new students joined us as well. 
This is a picture of all the girls who are also close friends - there are two girls missing because they were sick, but it's nice to have a close group to rely on!

And this week I also treated myself! I got a new lipstick by MAC. You know what they say, sometimes you've got to treat yourself! 

I survived Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day, and I'm looking forward to a new week!
I hope you are as well!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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