Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Products I regret buying

I don't do these types of posts often but... It's time for a "Products I regret buying".
Over the years I have collected tons and tons of make-up products and I haven't always been happy with what I got.... It saddens me to say that some products are just complete trash. Today I'm going to show you the products I got, but never really got into (and why)!

First of all, this Catrice primer! I heard such good things about it and I needed a good eyeshadow base so I thought, why not?
Unfortunately this eyeshadowbase crumbled. It actually crumbled which made it difficult to apply my eyeshadow properly.

I was so, so excited about this eyeshadow palette by H&M because it had some beautiful colours in it and I bought another small palette that worked quite well. But unfortunately, the pigmentation of some eyeshadows just sucked and there was more fall out than actual eyeshadow. Too bad!

I was so happy with this skintoned eyeliner, but after using it for a couple of days, the pencil broke and there was nothing left. Not very good news!

I think three products is enough for today, I will have some more posts online in the future! 
Have a good day!

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