Thursday, February 5, 2015

MUA Cover & Conceal


Hello everyone!
How are you? I've had some time to go shopping this week! I needed new concealer and I got this "Cover & Conceal" concealer from MUA.
Since MUA became available in Belgium, I tried out some products. I liked most of them so I decided I should try out this MUA concealer as well!

The packaging of this product is quite simple. It's a plastic, white tube. The concealer applicator looks like a lipgloss applicator.
There are 3 colours available, I have the colour "fair", which is the lightest of the three colours. You should always keep in mind that a concealer should be one shade lighter than the colour of your foundation. If you use it under your eyes, it will brighten up the dark eye area.

This concealer isn't as high coverage as I wanted it to be. If I want good coverage, I need two layers of this concealer because one isn't enough.
The coverage is the only thing that didn't really please me about this product, but I can make it work by applying two layers.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a nice day! 

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