Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Essence Hello Autumn ♥ Multi Colour powder review

Hi everyone!
Here I am with another product review from Essences new limited edition called "Hello Autumn". Last time I wrote about this collection, I said I nearly wanted everything in this collection - which hasn't happened for a long time!

 The product that I'm going to be reviewing today is their "multi colour powder".

The packaging is pretty normal, see through like always, but I like the "Hello autumn" with the leaf. I think it looks cute and it puts me in the mood for fall!


The multi coloured powder looks like a bunch of leaves in different colours.
It's so beautiful, it was almost a waste to use this!

This is a swatch of what the powder looks like. Look closely, I know it's a little hard to see. I often just mix it with my regular powder and use it all over my face (exept where I get really oily). This "Hello Autumn" multi colour powder will give you a beautiful glow!

I have tried to photography what it looks like on my face, but my camera never really picks the shimmer up (because the powder is so subtle), so I'm sorry I can't show you what it looks like on my face.
I would recommend to try this out! Even if you don't like shimmer, this is still a really  nice, not over the top powder!

Have a good day!

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