Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Essence Hello Autumn ♥ Green eyeliner review

Essence has a lovely new collection out for autumn and I can't even deal with how much I love this collection already.
When I saw it, I got really excited, and of course, I bought a couple of items. One of the items is this eyeliner.
It's a beautiful, dark green. I'm not a big fan of green colours normally, but I love this colour. It reminds me of the forests in the wind just before they start changing colours. I also like the packaging of this product a lot! Totally adorable!

This colour is called "Charlie Seen in green".

This is what the colour looks like. Like I said, it's such a gorgeous colour. The pigmentation is good, but I'm used to that when it comes to kohl eyeliners. I have an eye of the day post coming up where you can see just how lovely it really is.

This eyeliner wasn't the only beautiful product they had in their collection though. They also had two really gorgeous palettes, one had lots of gold in it, the other one had lots of green in it. It took me a lot of discipline not to get them too, but I figured I already have so much!

I would recommend you check it out though, I think this is one of my favourite limited editions they have ever had (uh, well, since I started using make-up).


What do you think? Would you get something from this collection?
Thanks for reading! May your day be amazing!

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