Saturday, August 5, 2017


Goodmorning everyone! How have you been?
This week has been crazy for me. I celebrated my 21st birthday! Finally 21!
The day of my birthday, my boyfriend and I decided to go have dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, called Poules Moules. We always go there on birthdays and always get treated like royalty.
We had three courses and some delicious drinks - and my boyfriend ended up paying the bill even though it was my treat. He also surprised me with a gorgeous Michael Kors purse.

We had the best time and a couple days later I organised a little drink with friends, family and collegues. I had a blast and even though it wasn't a night of heavy partying and drinking - I enjoyed it so much!
I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek inside my week. Thanks for reading! Have a good one!

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