Sunday, August 20, 2017


Goodmorning everyone!
How have you been? For the first time in a long time, I have finally had the chance to spend some time at my local MAC store and treated myself to a couple of new eyeshadows.

I'm not brand loyal to most brands (I'll try out pretty much anything that looks good to me), but I prefer some products from certain brands. MAC, for example, is the brand that I like eyeshadows from. Not all of them are equally pigmented but the ones that are, blow you away.
The red and copper eyeshadows have been trending for a while now and I decided to get some more bright, vibrant oranges and reds that are unlike any other in my make-up collection.
Let's have a look!

One of the eyeshadows I got is "Amber Lights". I have purchased this one before but I accidentally dropped my palette and this eyeshadow broke completely (and with it, my heart broke as well).
This is just such a pigmented and vibrant gold, I love it!

Next I got two orange eyeshadows. I already have a copper MAC eyeshadow called "Coppering" and also a orange toned one called "Texture", but these ones are even more 'extreme'. "Suspiciously sweet" looks a little bit like their eyeshadow "Paradisco", but is more pigmented and is a little bit more orange.

This next eyeshadow is an eyeshadow that is a very very bright orange. It almost looks like a red. I got this one because I heard so many good things about this colour and various people recommended it to me.


My next eyeshadow, "Ruddy" is a beautiful red sparkly eyeshadow. Unfortunately this one was a little damaged when I got it, but it's so so beautiful!

Last but not least I also got two darker colours, they are called "Antiqued" and "Swiss Chocolate".

I will have some make-up looks soon using these eyeshadows. I'm so excited and can't wait to hear your opinions on it!

Have a lovely Sunday! See you soon!

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