Friday, August 5, 2016

Wet 'n Wild CoverAll concealer review!

I love waking up and seeing the sun rise. I love the smell of the earth when it's has rained overnight. I love getting out of bed and starting a new day.
I love going from sometimes a tired face, to a clean, fresh and 'enhanced' face.

I have two favourite moments when I'm doing my make-up: the moment when my make-up is done and it still looks perfect, and the moment I first put on the concealer. Oh god, I love that moment. Especially because the last few under eye concealers I've had are pretty good ones! 

Nevertheless, I'm always looking for good concealers and I'm always willing to try different brands. This week, I got one from Wet 'n Wild. 

The packaging isn't very exciting to be honest. It's a concealer, simple as that. I actually forgot to check the shade back in the store.
I wish I could have gotten a lighter shade - because it's way easier to use under your eyes, it'll really lighten up the dark area under your eyes- but I got "Medium", which is fine too.

The applicator looks like a lipstick applicator. It's nice, it works, I like it.

 This concealer is very lightweight but with a nice texture. I find that just one layer gives me enough coverage but you could build the layers up as well. I wouldn't recommend doing that under the eyes because it might get in fine lines and crease a bit if you don't set it with powder, but if you have acne, this will work out for you (at least it did for me).


Here's a before and after picture. Like I said, you can see a bit of difference but a lighter shade would have been more ideal.
However, I'm going to keep using this concealer for acne or I might get a lighter concealer and just mix the two together. Either way, I'm not disappointed with Wet 'n Wild. 

Have a very nice day! See you soon!

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