Saturday, August 27, 2016

Catrice Velvet Matt lipcream review!

Goodmorning everyone! How have you been? 
 I've been buying - and trying - new products recently. Even though I've tested a lot of them, there are only a few I want to write about on the blog. If I really dislike something, I will not talk about it online, so even though I've had quite a bit of work, you've seen nearly nothing.

One of the things I have been crazy about is liquid lipsticks. I told you before that I was a bit late to get into it, but I'm currently trying all kinds of brands. Today's review is on what Catrice calls their "Velvet Matt lip cream".


The packaging of the product is pretty simple, it's just a matt tube with black letters on the packaging. Nothing too exciting.

The lipcream is called "Plumming bird". I'm not too excited about the packaging, but I always love the names of Catrice's products! 


This is what the applicator looks like. It's made of soft hairs and it's quite flexible.


Here's a swatch of what the lip cream looks like. It looks glossy when you first apply it, but it dries after a couple of minutes.

I love the texture, it's very smooth and soft, but sometimes it's hard to get thesame coverage all over, some spots might seem darker and other might seem lighter. 
You will get the look you're going for, but you might have to spend a few more minutes on it. 
You could also just put this lipcream over a lipliner or a lipstick, that will make it easier to even everything out.

I'm a fan of this product, I think it's a beautiful colour (even though I must admit I thought it'd be darker, judging what the colour looked like in the packaging).
I like the texture and pigmentation as well, the only thing that could possibly ever bother you is evening out this lip cream.
I find that practice makes perfect and you get the hang of it very quickly.

Have you tried this product yet? And if so, would you recommend it? 
Thanks for reading! I'll see you soon! 

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