Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick in "It's a statement!"

Good morning gorgeous Fashionista In The Dark readers! Today we're going to make a statement! Oh yes, oh yes! 

I'm pretty hyped up at the moment and it's all because of the new lipstick I got today! You know me, I go in the store to get some much needed liquid eyeliner and I walk out with a bunch of lip products, highlighters and more.
Today I walked out with nearly all the make-up products in the store. One of those products was this Essence Limited Edition lipstick, called "It's a statement". Want to see the statement I'm making? Keep reading!


This baby is what I'm talking about. My god, isn't it gorgeous?
Like I said, I was looking for liquid eyeliner and this was on the Limited Edition display as one of "Essence's favourites". Even though the packaging didn't look very spectacular to me, the lipstick itself sure did!

I think it's a matt lipstick.... ;)

Look at this swatch!
Such a pretty colour! The pigmentation of this lipstick is OFF THE HOOK - and yes I just sounded like a nineties kid, but I don't even care. It's what this lipstick does to me.
Speaking of nineties, isn't this a very nineties colour?

This is what the lipstick looks like on me. I was a bit scared that it'd be too dark but I think I can get away with this.
This lipstick is - like I said - very pigmented, it's easy to apply and it applies evenly, which is very important (especially with lipsticks this dark). It does dry out my lips a bit though, which is a bit annoying but obviously, it's something you can expect when putting on a matt lipstick.

Because the lipstick is so dark you will see when it starts to fade (for example when you've had a snack or you've had a lot to drink), so you need to touch up every once in a while. I kept it on for three hours before I had to touch up for the first time. I'll also add that because this colour is so dark, it'll leave a stain on your lips when you first try to get it off.
Make-up remover patches are your friend in this case!

I hope you enjoyed my review, I for one am very impressed with the lipstick. The receipt doesn't tell me the difference between all the Essence products I got (it just says "Make-up Essence" and ten different numbers for the ten different things I got) so I don't remember how much it was exactly, but the most expensive item I got today was €3.50. 
Safe to say it was very affordable!

Thanks for reading! I wish all of you tons of kiss stains from the people you love!

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  1. that lip colour suits you so well! Its going to be perfect for autumn x

  2. Wat staat de kleur je prachtig! Zelf heb ik hem ook maar mij staat hij lang niet zo mooi haha


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