Sunday, February 21, 2016

1 2 3... Perfect?

I've always had a love/hate relationship with my skin. Some days I like how it looks. Some days I wake up, look at myself, and want to crawl back into bed. 
I have recently had some problems with my skin ├ánd I also ran out of my holy grail BB cream. Some would say this is a bad day, I thought it was a reason to go shopping for new make-up! 

There were so many different options, but I've never had a Bourjois foundation.Until now!

The cat was interested for sure!

The packaging of this product is quite simple. I love the different colours  on it. It says "1 2 3", and then it says which three functions this foundation should have.
I was quite interesting to see if the results were as nice as promised!

When I first used this foundation, I noticed that maybe the shade was a little too yellow for me. It did work out just fine though. 
This is what my face looks like after using the foundation. It's quite nice! I'm used to wearing a BB cream so I thought my foundation would feel "heavier" but actually, it doesn't feel heavy at all. The foundation covers most of my blemishes, it's medium coverage, but if I really have an acne break out or a tough spot, I need to go in with additional concealer.

I'm happy with the foundation! Maybe next time I could get another shade but everything else worked out as good as I hoped it would! 
I paid €15.99 for this foundation. It is one of the more expensive foundations in the drugstore, but it works great! 

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