Sunday, December 23, 2012

Estée Lauder Violet Crush Review

Hello everyone! 
A few days back I got a great product: a new lipstick.
It's called "Violet Crush", a nice matte lipstick by Estée Lauder. It's a purple/pink lipstick. I really love wearing bright colours for lipstick, like hot pink, red and purple so I decided to get this for myself, as a little treat. I wrote about it really quickly in a haul but then I never mentioned it again, so that's why today I wanted to do a review on this Violet Crush lipstick!

The first thing I really like is the packaging. I think it's so beautiful. Obviously I have seen this packaging before but I've never had a lipstick that looked this good (exept for a YSL one). I know that people often say that you pay the packaging too but in this case I don't really have a problem with that, I mean, look how gorgeous it is! 
I just got this without planning it so I can't really tell you why I got that colour. I guess I was just in the mood for something crazy and I loved how it looked on my hand when I swatched it. The pigmentation is really really great. I love the colour. Not everyone will wear a colour like this, I think, but I wanted to try it.
After having it on for a few hours and eating and drinking a lot it goes off a bit but it does leave a purple stain on your lips.
This lipstick is a matte so there's no kind of shimmer or anything in it. Also you just have to be careful because when your lips aren't smooth, you'll see this after applying the lipstick. I don't really have problems with that.

I really think this colour is amazing, I think it's special and cute and I'll probably wear it very often. It's pretty obvious that not everyone will be crazy about this but I am and I'm definently crushing on the violet (get it?) Do you like this colour?

Have a great day!


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  2. Like this! It's good on you!

  3. this lipstick looks great on you!

  4. Erg mooie kleur! Een beetje anders dan anders maar gewoonweg prachtig.


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