Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Deauty box Unboxing

Hello! I got my December Deauty box! Yay! I'm so happy, I really love getting this every month! I only paid for three months to try it so this is the last month for me. I might subscribe for three more months, I'm still doubting a little bit.
This month had a few items that really surprised me, the good way.

The first thing you always see is the black box "Deauty on it". I love the bird that holds a mirror, it's very cute.

This month we got some "beauty stuff organizer"stickers.

And this is what was inside the box! 

The first thing I got was extra-gentle dry shampoo with oat milk by Klorane. I'm glad that I got some dry shampoo because having bangs isn't always easy and some days they just get greasy without you really knowing what's going on with your hair. I can't wait to try this.

The second thing is another hair product. It's by Kérastase (I recieved two other Kérastase items in my previous box). This is a beautifying scented oil for colour treated hair (which is good because I dye my hair so...)

Next item is shower milk. This is by Bee Nature, it's an organic cosmetic brand that 100% Belgian.

Wow this next item was a great surprise! The Giorgio Armani "Acqua di Gio" perfume! It's only 5 ml but I'll enjoy every last bit of it!

And it just kept on coming! An Essie nailpolish! I never had one before but I always heard many many good things about it! Now I finally have my own! Well that's a nice surprise! This one is called "Bobbing for baubles" and it's a dark blue nailpolish. Sometimes it looks dark blue and sometimes you'd think it's a black nailpolish, it has a bit of grey tones in it as well! I swatched it on my thumb already and I have to say.... Thumbs up!

This is some kind of creme that you can use when you are suffering from a dull complexion and loss of radiance. I have never heard of this in my life but I'm open to anything so I'll try it!

Last but not least we got this! To pin on your shirt. Cute!

I am very happy with the things I found in my box this month! Reviews of all the products are coming up very soon!


  1. I find that the dry shampoo is perfect, so useful!
    Love Essie nail polish!


  2. Great products!! The dry shampoo is one of my favorites beauty products ever!!

  3. wow...amazing products..

  4. love your blog dear, how about following each other? :)

    would love to see you over

  5. Love Giorgio Armani flagrance <3

    Lot of Love,


  6. This is really nice!!!! I would kill for the Kerastase items.


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