Thursday, October 19, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat palette review

One thing I love about travelling is exploring local markets and shops.
I also love big international shops that we don't have in Belgium. When we went to London, we strolled around Harrods for hours. When we went to Malaga, we visited El Corte Ingles.

Inside, there was a Sephora counter. I bought Rihanna's highlighter and to my surprise, my boyfriend got me the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. He knows I tend to doubt a lot before I het a new make-up product (especially if it's a palette) and I always regret it later.

The only Urban Decay palette that I have is the original one. I use it on a daily basis. This palette is a lot brighter and a lot more "out there". This palette holds 12 orange and red toned eyeshadows, perfect for fall! Orange is trending, you know.

Before we talk about swatches and the make-up look, take a minute to admire the packaging. Holy Moly! I feel like they went all out and I wonder if they'll manage to top this packaging if a new Naked palette comes out. So absolutely gorgeous! I know you shouldn't like a product for the way it looks, bit eyecatching packaging like this site helps!

Here's a picture of what the swatches look like. Each and every single colour, shimmery or matt, has a great colour payoff. The colours, even though they don't look very bright on my arm, are quite vibrant in real life.

This look is the very first look that I made with this palette, to test the colours.
I decided not to go for a big winged eyeliner because I felt like that would take away some of the effect of these bright eyeshadows.
Instead, I went for a simple, small line on my lower lashline and some black eyeliner on my waterline. I did decided to apply eyeliner on my waterline because the eyeshadows still gravitate towards red shades and they can make you look quite sick if you don't apply them right - that's why I like to neutralize the "redness" from my lower lashline with some black eyeliner.

I have to admit that this palette is in my top 3 of new palettes that I got. I think it might even be nr 1 and the runner up would be my Morphe 350 palette.

I have been thinking about filming more recently and this palette will be included in one of the first videos! Love the colours, the pigmentation and the texture. 

My second palette, the second time that I'm blown away by Urban Decay.

Thanks so much for checking in! 
Have a good one!

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