Friday, March 3, 2017

Essence shine shine shine lipgloss review ♥

2017 is the year of change. I've had quite a bit of change in my life this year so far. After being single for three years I started dating again and I might be moving again - to give you a few examples. The make-up trends are changing as well.
After quite a long period of only wearing matt lipsticks and the matt lipgloss trends, Essence is back with lipglosses that are very, very shiny! They are supposed to give your lips a wet look and I like it!

Their newest "shine, shine, shine" lipgloss collection incorporates thirteen new lipglosses, of which I got two. Along with the two lipglosses, I also got an adorable make-up bag with an inspirational quote on it! Cute!
Let me introduce you to my two newest beauties, called "Behind the scenes" and "Runway, your way".

The first lipgloss, "Behind the scenes" is just a shiny lipgloss that has no colour. It'll give your lips a nice look, but expect no additional colour from this one. I've never had a lipgloss like this before but I think it's nice to have one in my collection.

"01 Behind the scenes"
The second one is one of the darkest colours in the collection. A nice, dark purple. It does look lighter after you put it on. Perfect for this time of year if you ask me.
12 Runway, your way
The swatches pretty much speak for themselves, I think. They are so beautiful and have got such a nice texture, it really is a pleasure to apply.
They are a little bit sticky though - but that's what you can expect from lipglosses.

Here's what the colour "Runway, your way" looks like on my lips. I must admit I really do like the colour. I did have to put some extra effort in applying the lipgloss evenly though - it's can be hard to get thesame coverage everywhere.

The lipglosses cost €1.99 a piece.
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

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