Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Goodmorning everyone. It's been a while since I came back from Madrid and aside from visiting musea and exploring the neighbourhood, I also did some shopping.
For as far as know, there are no Sephora's in Belgium and even though there was one in the Netherlands that I could have gone to, it closed pretty soon. The only option was ordering online, but I prefer buying my make-up in a store.

The first thing I got when I saw they had a Sephora here was the Too Faced Natural Eye palette. This one goes way back. I remember Blair Fowler (aka JuicyStar07) make a video using this palette when she was only 19. The hype is long over, but the palette was still on my "most wanted" list.

The packaging has changed a little bit, but the concept is still thesame. Speaking of packaging, let's take a look!

The packaging excites me so much! It's so pretty and girl, with soft pastel colours and lace print detailling.
When you open up the palette, you get to lay your eyes upon nine stunning, neutral colours. A couple shimmery ones, a couple matt ones.

This palette is so beautiful that in the beginning I was almost a little bit hesitant to use it. I did have to though, how else am I going to get swatches for this blog? Haha! 
Here you go, some swatches: 

Even though the colours could have been a bit more pigmented, they are quite nice in use. The colours are absolutely stunning and looks can very a lot - depending on which colours you use. The balance between warm/cool/light/dark is absolutely amazing! Love it!

I paid €36 for this palette.

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