Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Catrice "Victorian Poetry" lipstick reviews!

I may have blogged about this once or twice: I am a huge history geek. I used to like doing it in school, but it just turned out to be something I loved.
So much, that I'm now studying history in college and hoping to get my bachelor's degree somewhere next year. There are certain era's that I don't like to study, but there are a couple I want to know everything about. I have a huge fascination for Greek and Roman culture (especially the mythology interests me) and the Victorian era.

I think I addressed my passion for the Victorian era when I did my post on chokers, but many other trends of today from come that time too. Piercings for example (intimate ones, to be correct. In the Victorian era nipple piercings were wildly popular. This year, they've made a comeback!).

This being said, can you believe how excited I was when I saw that Catrice has a limited edition out now called "Victorian Poetry"?!
I checked out with both lipsticks from this limited edition in my hand and rushed home to start testing!

The ros├ęgold packaging with shiny, sophisticated detail on it is enough to make me fall in love with it.

The two colours in this limited edition are a pink lipstick called "Poetic Pink" and a darker purple one called "Berry British". Below you can see what the lipsticks look like.


The lipsticks have a very smooth texture and are well pigmented. They're not drying like other lipsticks can be. I'm very excited about the colours as well, I don't have any lipsticks with this specific colour. I also think that these would fit with any skincolour.
Pale? Good, they'll pop!
Coloured? Good, they'll pop!

In this picture I used both lipsticks, I used ""Poetic Pink" on upper lip and "Berry British" below! My lips are very dry by the way, that's why the darker colour looks a bit off. It doesn't have anything to do with the colour, it's just the texture of my lips right now. Can't seem to get them hydrated! Ah, winter.

Yeah, these lipsticks have got me feeling some kind of way. What do you think?
Thanks for reading!

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