Sunday, December 11, 2016

Revolution blush palette review

Goodmorning everyone! I'm back with a product that I'm crazy excited about! 
Today I'm going to tell you about my ultra blush palette by Revolution. I am a huge blush fan (always have been) so when I found this palette, I could barely keep it together!


Although the packaging looks exactly thesame as all the other palettes, what's inside is absolutely stunning.This blush palette holds eight different colours. Some of them are sparkly, some of them are matt. The colours vary from peach to pink to tan, which is amazing because there's something in this palette for everyone.

Here's a closer look! 

The colours are quite pigmented. I tried the second one starting from the left on the top row a couple of days ago and you have to be so so careful with these blushes because of the pigment in it. I tried the more nude shades on the left side of the palette as well and those too are very pigmented.
The blushes on the right are very shimmery and metallic so I use those as highlighters. Below you can find a picture of what I look like after a long day. The blush is still there, it has faded a little but I think it looks quite natural. Nice!

Thanks once again for reading! Have a good day!

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