Saturday, September 24, 2016

TREND: Chokers!

Goodmorning everyone! How are you?
I'm doing really good, earlier this week I went shopping for new accessories and came home with four chokers. I think they can look so good and sophisticated.
However, the first place I went to someone told me it used to be a sign that you were a prostitute. Being the history lover that I am (and a fun fact lover too), I decided to do some research....

Chokers are to be found in all sorts of shapes and colours, and I love them. They were all over the catwalk and stars like Ariana Grande have been wearing them for a while now.
I'm crazy about the velvet black ones, but I also got a lace choker. So beautiful!

I got mine at Zara, H&M and Claire's. 
Do you like chokers? Or are you no fan of this trend?

Thanks for reading!
See you soon! 
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