Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekly Diary

Hello you guys!
How are you doing? It's Sunday again! I believe it's been a while since I've done a Weekly Diary.
So much have happened over the last few weeks!

I taught my second class last week, I taught history which is so much fun because my subject was the society in Egypt which is so, so interesting!


At the end of the week I also ran 6km. I still can't believe I did it!
I did have a lot of fun though (and I also have one picture). I'm the girl on the right and the girl on the left is my friend who ran 10 km. 

I have been keeping up with my working out as well! I've been going to the gym a lot. Of course it'll close soon for the holidays and I'll be eating a lot with Christmas so my results might be delayed, but I'm looking forward to both the holidays ànd working out more and better! Of course I'll keep you updated on everything that's going on!

More inspiration!

Right now the gym isn't my main focus either. Even though I like it and it's become a habit, I have to focus on the more important things in life right now: exams!

This is my first year in college, which means it's the first time that I actually have the holiday break before my actual exams in January. I hope I won't be too distracted and I can't wait for the exams to be over.
I'm very excited but I'm also very nervous because....well, sometimes first times are scary, especially when a lot depends on the results.

Anyway, the exams are the reason I might not update regularly this month. I know I haven't updated too much this month, but it probably won't get any better.
I'm very annoyed because I love my blog, but I need priorities, and right now, school is the most important thing.
I hope you can understand this.

Have a very lovely Sunday and I'll hopefully see you soon!

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