Thursday, November 13, 2014

MAC "Melon" pigment review

Hello everyone!
Earlier this week I went to do some early Christmas shopping because I won't have time in December. I will be studying during the holidays this year (college, you know...).
After getting a couple of things that I liked, I couldn't help it, I went to the MAC store... and let's just say I got myself an early present.


I got a new mini pigment by MAC. I got my first pigment by MAC this summer and I like it a lot, but it's a really bright pigment so I wanted something a little more neutral...

I walked out with the colour "Melon", which is a beautiful, vibrant gold pigment.
The make-up artist that helped me pick out make-up this summer was actually crazy about this pigment and she really recommended it. I can see why now!

Magic in a jar...

This is what the pigment looks like. As always, my pictures were taken in front of a big window, so the colours look lighter than they actually are.
This is such a beautiful shade! I can't wait to create a new make-up look with this pigment!

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