Thursday, August 28, 2014

Essence All About Matte BB cream review

Hi there! What's going on?
I'm here today to tell you all about my newest BB cream. As you might know, I'm the biggest fan of Catrices BB creams, but apparently they disappeared... so I had to look for something else!

This one by Essence is the one I chose to replace my favourite BB cream with. I have never tried it before but... I mean, I have a beautyblog so of course I'm going to test it! That's what I'm here for! 

First things first I'm the realest: packaging. The BB cream comes in a tube, which I like a lot!
This packaging is beige and pink, which is so adorable! I sometimes think that the Essences make-up stand looks a little childish, but this, I like!

This is what my face looks like before using any product. As you can see, I have a few moles but I also have some old acne scars.

This is what my face looks like after using the Essence BB cream. My acne scars are gone. My moles aren't, but that's not what I wanted anyway (no foundation in my collection does that).


As promised, the BB cream is oil free, which is really good because I have oily skin. I only have one remark: the colours are pretty limited. I'm sure not everyone will find there colour, there are only two or three colours available.

I'm pretty happy with my new BB cream. It works well, it's budget, I love it!
That's how easy make-up can be sometimes!

Have a good day!

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