Wednesday, July 12, 2017

EOTD: Universe

Last week I got new "glitter dust" by H&M. I already had some gold glitter dust and since I am so crazy about them, I've been wanting to get more.
A few days ago I found some colours I liked - and they were on sale as well! I got a silver one, a white one and a black with blue one - all for €3 a piece.

I love glitter. It comes in handy for special occassions like birthdays and New Year's celebrations, but it's also a fun to wear on a daily basis. You get to create a fun make-up look and the sparkly just makes it that extra bit special.

This look that I made today doesn't just have glitter dust, it also has a bright eyeliner and some black eyeshadow. Easier than you'd think and great to steal the show on a night out!
Oh, and when you look up, you might notice that the sky above you looks just like the make-up you have on your eyes.
Let's have a look!

I applied two shades of brown in my crease first and blended them out. Next I applied black eyeshadow all over my eyelid and just a tiny bit of glitter glue on top of that before applying the glitter dust. 
I also put on black eyeliner, to put blue eyeliner on top of that later (it just shows up better when there's a base already). Some kohl liner on the waterline, mascara and done!


Not your everyday kind of look. It is a bit of a dramatic look, but it sure is fun. Below you can find two full face pictures!

Thank you again for reading today! Have a good one!

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