Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Revolution Flawless 2 palette ♥

Happy May!
Last week I showed you my newest make-up palette called "Flawless" by Revolution. And damn, that palette was indeed flawless. It impressed me so much that I decided to get the second "Flawless" palette.

The hot pink packaging doesn't shy away for anything or anyone, although the colours inside are a bit more neutral than the previous palette. Aside from a couple very bright copper and hot pinks, this palette exists mostly out of matte, cool-toned neutral shades. A few really nice blending colours, plenty of highlight colours and of course some shades to darken up your ideal look.

This is what the eyeshadow palette looks like. The colours in the right upper corner immediately caught my eye. They are very vibrant and bright, just how I like them. The colours on the left are taupes and browns, and plenty of different shades that can be used for blending or highlighting the browbone. I don't think I have any palette with this much blending colours. I love that they're in here though, you can make or break your look by using (or not using) a transitioning colour.
I swatched a couple of the eyeshadows from this palette. As you can see, the lighter shades and the matt eyeshadows are a little less pigmented than the darker or brighter colours. You might have to put a little more work in building up the intensity of the colours.
The black shades in this palette give a bit of fall out, but surprisingly, not much. The pigmentation of the other eyeshadows is good.

 I will be back soon with (-hopefully a ton of-) new looks!
Have a great day! See you soon!

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