Thursday, June 18, 2015

Big Sean ♥

Hi you guys! How are you doing? I couldn't be better. My exams are finished and to celebrate, we went to see Big Sean in the captial of Belgium, Brussels on Wednesday the 17th of June.
I am so impressed and so pleasantly surprised that I just need to tell you guys about it.

I'm going to be honest, I haven't been a Big Sean fan since the beginning, I started listening to him when "Ass" featuring Nicki Minaj came out. Ever since, my admiration has been growing.
Two of my closest friends wanted nothing more than to go, so I tagged along. My god, what an experience.


Big Sean inspired me so much last night. Not only by the lyrics of his music, but also by the personal things he shared and telling the people in the audience to keep dreaming and to never give up. I love it when people give a speech and you can just feel the strength and motivation flow through your vains.
I love how he talked about his family with so much passion, I think Big Sean is someone with a tremendous amount of respect, love and honour for the important people in his life, which was so good to see.

My friends and I expected Big Sean to be good, but we never thought it'd be this good. We had so much fun and it's very nice to just have that kind of team spirit with people at a concert, even though you don't really know each other.

Belgium is absolutely crazy about Big Sean and I can more than ever relate! 

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