Saturday, July 19, 2014

MUA "Undressed" palette review

Today I'm here with my review on the MUA "Undressed" palette.
It has been very very popular because this palette is seen as a cheaper dupe of the "Urban Decay naked palettes".
It took me a while to get my hands on these palettes because they have been old out for a couple of weeks, but last week I got lucky!

The "Undressed" palette is the first palette that was brought out.
The package of the palette is quite simple. I love pretty packaging because it makes me feel special, but these days all the packaging is simple so I guess it's okay. The palette holds 12 colours.
There are a lot of neutral brown and pink colours in this palette, but there are also two darker colours in the right corner.
Along with the eyeshadows, comes a two sided brush.

Here are the swatches! 
The swatches are quite good. As you can see, the darker colours are better pigmented than the lighter colours.
I do think the colours are gorgeous, they are neutral but oh so pretty. Who says you need a smokey eye to impress?
 I do get fall out so I always do my eye make-up before I do my face make-up. That's always the safest when you're trying a new product.

I'm happy I have this palette. It's a perfect neutral palette and there are so many options on how you can combine the colours. I will for sure have some eye of the day posts up as soon as I can!

Have you tried this palette?
Do you like MUA? 

Talk to you soon!

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