Thursday, July 10, 2014

MUA eyeshadow palette

Hello to all of you! 
Today I'm about to review a product from a brand I have never reviewed before! That's because it's new in Belgium! I couldn't be more excited! 

This palette is the matte palette by MUA. I don't own a lot of matte colours so I decided I would take this one home with me.

The packaging of this palette is rather simple. The front is in see through plastic so you can see exactly what colours are in the palette.
On the back, you can see the names of the eyeshadow colours and the name of the palette.

Swatches! The colours are a little less pigmented than I would have hoped.
However, I have used them on a few girls last weekend (for a make-up job) and I find they are easy to build up and nice to work with, even though the pigmentation is not breathtaking!

Thanks for reading!

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