Saturday, July 5, 2014

Catrice eyeshadow base review

Remember yesterday I mentioned my Catrice eyeshadow base!
Here is the review!

I haven't always used eyeshadow bases to prime my eyes. I used to use foundation or concealer, but since I have tried a liquid one by Essence, I have been on the lookout for other primers by different brands! I love a high quality, but low budget make-up product. That's why I decided to test Catrice's eyeshadow base.

Catrice's primer comes in a little jar. The packaging is quite simple, like all of the Catrice products are these days.
That's okay, I like it simple. After all, you know what they say: "Less is more!", even for make-up products! Looking good, huh?

The eyeprimer is not too dark for my skin, which I like because I'm quite fair and some primers are just too dark. They show through light make-up and that's not what I want.

The texture of this eyeshadow base however, was a little bit disappointing. Instead of creamy, the product in my jar felt dry. When I tried to apply this primer, it wouldn't spread equally and I would have crumbs of eyeshadow base all over my eyes. Not a very good first impression if you ask me!

I must be honest: I was so very disappointed with the texture of this primer that I've only used it three times since I got it.
It does make my make-up last longer, but I don't feel like putting more time into trying to get an eyeshadow base on than putting actual eye make-up on.

I think I will have to continue my quest to find the perfect budget eyeshadow base!

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