Thursday, February 15, 2018

OOTD: Belfort

Goodmorning! How have you been? How did you spend your Valentine's Day?
I hope you had a really good one!
We don't really make a big holiday of it, we try to spend time and effort on each other every week when we have the day off.

Days off are also my favourite days for outfit pictures! This one is from a little while back. I got this dress online. 
I got this because the promo picture was a lady with this dress and a red handbag. The details of the flowers in this dress and the handbag matched so beautifully, I had to have it! Women's logic, right?

We went to the belfree in the centre of Bruges to take this picture. I live very close to the belfree, which is so efficient for everyday life, but the belfree never loses it's beauty to me. I often find myself looking at it. Some people say that if you live in a historic city with many tourists, you don't think it's special anymore because you've gotten so used to it. I haven't, just yet! 
I can't wait to explore more parts of the city for outfit pictures!
My handbag and boots are by H&M. My tights are from Calzedonia and my coat is by New Look! 

Have a good one.

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