Saturday, September 9, 2017

NYX "Take over control" eyeshadow quad review

Goodmorning and welcome to yet another make-up review! Today I'm reviewing the NYX "Take over control" eyeshadow quad.
I have written about this in a haul earlier and tried it out for the first time this morning. I love quads like this - there are just enough colours to make a few different looks and it's easy for an everyday make-up look.

The swatches were also in my previous post and there I mentioned that I was quite surprised by the pigmentation. Both the light and dark colours are well pigmented. This isn't always the case: often in palettes, either the lighter or darker colours will lack pigmentation. This one doesn't!

Here's the look that I made using this palette. I decided to keep it on the neutral side since I didn't know how the application would go. Turns out the application is a-okay!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep your eyes open for my next posts, I have a couple of exciting ones coming up! 
Thanks a lot for reading, I'll see you soon!

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