Monday, February 6, 2017

Travel Diary: Paris

Goodmorning all of you! 
Currently, I've done a bit of travelling. If you follow my instagram page, you might have seen some pictures that popped up. My boyfriend and I went on a citytrip to Paris for three days.

It was a much needed break and it was so nice to explore Paris. I had been once before back when I was in high school, but back then we didn't have too much freedom to go and explore ourselves.  
I tried to take pictures of not only the popular buildings and places, but some surprising sights as well.


Of course I didn't take pictures of all the places we went to, simply because it wasn't allowed or sometimes I just forgot because I was caught up in the moment.

Place du tertre is a little square with artists who sketch you or make caricatures,... It's absolutely amazing and it's so much fun to walk around there. We had ours done as well and are very happy with the result. It's a vivid memory of our first trip together.

Thanks for reading! 
Have a great day! 

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