Monday, June 23, 2014

A new tattoo!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? 
I am doing really great these days! 
I'm excited about a lot of new products I got last week while shopping!
I got a color tattoo by Maybelline last year during the holiday season but I just haven't been using it anymore because it's a dark taupe colour and it's not that pretty to wear dark eyeshadow on a bright, sunny day (at least, that's what I think!).

Of course you know that for every problem there is a solution, so I got one that was beautiful and bright for sunny days. I was doubting if I should get the pink one or the gold one (I never get two at thesame time, they're quite pricey!), but I went for the gold one - even though I was really impressed by both of the color tattoos.

This colour is called "Eternal Gold".

This is what it looks like! It's like summer in a tiny jar! I love it!

As you know, because I said it a hundered times the last time I got a colour tattoo, the texture is creamy, smooth and easy to apply.
The pigmentation of this product is quite nice. It's not too overwelming, but it's just enough to be pretty!

Do you have any colour tattoos you'd like to recommend?

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