Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to reduce stress!

Being in the last year in high school is a huge challenge: it's a lot of (extra) work and stress. I don't suffer from much stress, but lately I have been feeling a litte bit stressed out. Here's what I do to reduce it. It's so easy: just stop! 

The first thing that helps me to stop stressing is doodling a bit. Just drawing cute things, paying around with figures and shapes.

 I also like writing a lot, I write letters, I blog, I have a small diary. What I also do (and I find that it works well for me), is keeping a notebook in which I write down all the positive things of that day. If I can put it in the notebook, I will. Here's a picture of my card for the bus and my card for the cinema. I went to see "Divergent", highlight of the day!

I also read a lot. And sometimes I watch TV. But most of the time I read! 
I think I will put a list of my favourite books on the blog soon! 

And then there's of course cuddling with my pets, I love that as well and it makes me forget about my problems.

How do you cope with stress?

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