Friday, May 30, 2014

Catrice Haute Future eyeshadows

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! 


When I'm at the drugstore, I love to go see what new products Catrice has. A few days ago, I saw that they had a new limited edition called "Haute Future". The eyeshadows looked really good, so I got two.

The packaging of the eyeshadows is so pretty! It's a very futuristic design, I love it! 
I got a green/blue minty colour and a purple colour. The eyeshadows are duochrome.

The green eyeshadow is called "Never Green before".

The purple eyeshadow is called "CO2 iROSEdescent".

The pigmentation is good, the colours are so beautiful! I find that when I apply them, there is quite a big of fall out, especially when using the mint green eyeshadow because the texture is different.
That's why I like to wet my brush before I use the mint green. It makes the colour more vibrant!

I'm pretty happy with the colours, they look really nice, the pigmentation is good and it's cheap!

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  1. Amazing shadows! My fav is " Never green before". Thanks for the review!

    You've a new fan! ;)
    Algo pasa con Mary


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