Saturday, March 28, 2015

Schedule update!

Hello everyone!
As you might have noticed I've been struggling with keeping the blog updated. I mentioned a couple of times that I was back for the full 100% and I would start updating more but it is simply not possible.
I'm struggling to find time between going to school, working, keeping a social life and teaching. I don't want to give up the blog under any circumstances, but I need to make some changes. Instead of posting everyday, I will be posting three times each week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and every other week I will upload a Weekly Diary.


This is not only easier for me because now my posts will be more regular, it's also a lot easier for you, because you now know when to expect a new post!
Also, I think it's all about quality, not quantity!

This should be the last change and I hope this will be able to keep it up! Thanks for understanding and my apologies!

Have a good day! 

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