Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New in: Essence make-up palette

Hello everyone!
On the night of my graduation, I did my teacher's make-up. I had promised her (and it's a good chance to practice on someone other than my sister). When she arrived, she gave me a couple of things that she got me as a "thank you".

I got chocolates (♥), but I also got this lovely palette from Essence. I love Essence palettes. I have two already: "XOXO" (purple colours) and "To die for" (the perfect neutral one with brown ones, I use it a lot!).
This one is a palette with green colours. I love green but I haven't really found a good palette with wearable, everyday green colours. This one looks promising though!

This is what the palette looks like. Pretty simple, pretty basic. The colour of the palette I got is "laugh, love, lime".

I fell in love with the colours! These are also the colours we decided to use on the teacher and I just... I can't! So so beautiful! 
The colours and beautifully pigmented and go on really smooth! I'm sold!

Thanks for reading!

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