Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekly Diary

Happy Sunday! How have you been doing?
Sunday means a review of the whole week, so here it is! 

The week started with really bad weather. It was hot, but rainy and we had lightening and thunder.
Luckely, it got better.
I spent a lot of time outside with my pets. Our guinea pigs had babies again! I spent some time taking pictures. Doesn't the mom look so adorable in this picture? She's lovely!

This is Mini, the weakest and smallest one in the bunch. She couldn't ear for herself, she was blind on the left side and walking was hard for her. She was so small so I decided to take her under my wings. I fed her, held her,... Unfortunately, her heart failed in middle of the night, right after I held her and tried to calm her down a little. I will for sure miss my little one.

This week I also went to a flea market. I bought a pin-up t-shirt, a whooole lot of books and... a guitar! I have been asking my parents for one since I was 11 and they never let me get one, but this time, my dad didn't stop me from buying it.
I'm so glad! Now it's time to practice again!

I also read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies. I love the summer, it's the time to do nothing and enjoy life - so I catched up on some reading and movies.
I watched the first Harry Potter movie - again. I just really love the movies and I love watching them again once in a while.

I also watched "Upside Down", such a fascinating movie! It was recommended to me by a friend, it's a kind of sci fi/ dystopian movie and he knew I'd love it since I also love this kind of books.
I didn't quite get the ending though...


Aside from all of that, I have been planning a little something for my birthday. You only turn 18 once! I normally never throw birthday parties, but this year I have decided I want to spend a day with my friends and I want to have fun! Looking forward to it!

How have you been?

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