Monday, July 14, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Pink Gold"

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Remember last time I got a new Color Tattoo by Maybelline? I am obsessed with them! I told you I wanted more and last week, I got another one! 
This one  is a pink one, it's called "Pink Gold". Normally I don't go for pink eyeshadow very often, but I swatched this Color Tattoo and I was just so impressed. Both by the pigmentation and how long the swatch stayed on!

This is what the colour looks like, it's so pretty! I love how simple it is to achieve a beautiful make-up look with this Color Tattoo. It literally takes me 5 minutes.

Swatch! This is one swipe of the colour. Of course you can build it up. 
This swatch lasted a whole day, even after washing my hands a couple of times and taking a shower!

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