Friday, July 18, 2014

Bookreview: The Iron Fey series part 4 - The Iron Knight

How are you? Have you been enjoying your summer? Last week, the weather was so bad, it felt like it was winter again. It was raining, it was dark all day... I decided that day to stay inside and read a little in bed.
That day, I finished the last book of "The Iron Fey" series by Julie Kagawa.

I told you in my last review that Meghan and Prince Ash were seperated for some reason. In this last book, we don't follow Meghan like we did in the other three books, we follow Ash this time.
Ash can't let Meghan get away and decides the only way to get back to hear is to become a human. To become human and to get a soul, you need to do some challenges. But will Ash decide he wants to get a soul when he realizes he will grow older and die alone, even though Meghan will live forever now?


I enjoyed this book a lot! First of all it was interesting to see what was going on inside of Ash' head because in the other books I felt like he was wearing a mask and shutting everyone out all the time. I also thought some of the challenges were mysterious and they were put together really well, I don't know if I would be able to solve what they have asked Ash to solve.
Aside from that, a lot of things happen to his friends and enemies. I especially love that in the end, not everyone is allright, but everything is allright.
I'm sorry, I can't spoil anything and I must sound crazy but those of you who are reading the series (or who have read the series) will understand.


Yeah, I liked this series. I'm kind of sad it's over because now I don't have any Ash, Meghan and Puck stories to look forward to....
But yes, it was nice, I liked the series a lot and I'll check out more of Julie Kagawa's books!

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