Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bookreview: The Iron Fey series part 3 - The Iron Queen

Hello everyone!
I'm back with a bookreview on the third book of the "Iron Fey" series by Julie Kagawa. I actually read this book a while ago but I just never wrote about it.


In this book, the Iron Fey are still taking over, there's a new king who is trying to kill all other Fey, and he has advantages because they other Fey die when they touch Iron.
It's now Meghan's job to go and defeat the king. She's the only one who isn't infected by the Iron.
But there is one problem.. Meghan is half human and half Fae, which means she has the powers of regular Fae, but when she killed the last Iron King, she got his powers as well.
Since Iron magic and normal Fae magic don't go together, she can't use her powers. If she does, she faints.

After a couple of long battles, she finds a way to stop the Iron Fey from killing all the other Fey. There's just one problem: because of the choices she makes and the things she does, she loses contact with Ash (her lover) and Puck (her best friend).
What now? Is there really a life without Ash and Puck? What will Meghan do next?

I loved the book! I was struggling a little bit to read about all the fighting because in my opinion there had been enough fights but it was written really well.
I was very surprised by the ending of this book! It is something that I didn't even think was possible, but it happened anyway! (If you want to read what's on the back of the book, I posted it here for you! Just click to enlarge ;) )


I am now reading the fourth book and so far, I can tell you there's more I didn't see coming in the fourth book.
I kind of don't want it to end. I have 20 pages left to read but I'm trying not to read them because, what will I do when this series is over?!

I hope you enjoyed this bookreview.
Are there any books you'd like to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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