Friday, February 1, 2013

A few days of fun

Hello everyone!
These last two days have been both crazy and amazing. If you read my blog often, you'll know that I left for a school trip. Not far away from home, but far enough to spend a few days without electronic stuff and just get to know everyone in our class.
I personally think it were two great great days, everyone got along really well and we spent the night talking to each other in one of my classmates room. Also, we were guided by this spiritual, really sweet woman, who gave relaxing exercises and I enjoyed them so much!

Like I promised, I have taken a few pictures of the castle we were staying in (and some other things like the nature surrounding it). I didn't take pictures during the activity's because they were kinda private and we all didn't want to disturb each other.

It really was amazing, I can't describe it any other way!
PS I have also taken an outfit picture. You have already seen the outfit but the background is pretty cool so that's why I'm putting it up once again (tomorrow maybe!). Enjoy!

This is what we saw if we looked out of the window in my room. Isn't it amazing? It was so beautiful out there! Almost magic! I loved to see this so much, I already miss it!

My bed! Marilyn Monroe pillow out of my bag already!

This is what we saw when we first arrived. The whole bus was like; "Woahhh".

The back of the building. My room is on the top floor, all the way to the left.


  1. wow! what a view! what a castle! amazing!

  2. I love this photos <3

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  3. So nice places!

  4. Lovely pics!


  5. beautiful photos!

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  6. I want to go there! :)


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